CGF and Stem Cell

The CGF (Concentrated Grow Factors) is a blood product that contains Stem Cell, obtained by means of the bench-top centrifuge.

At Best Western Dental Centre, we use MEDIFUGE. This latest centrifuge machine made in Italy to process patient’s blood to extract the CGF (Concentrated Grow Factors) and Stem cells. This is then use to help to speed up surgical healing and/or make more jaw bone where needed for dental implant treatments.

The advantages of using CGF and Stem cells:

1. Speed up the healing process after more complex wisdom teeth and dental implant surgery
2. Minimise post-surgery dis comfort
3. Improve bone and soft tissue healing
4. Stimulate new bone formation that is much needed for many dental implants surgery including Sinus lift and alveolar ridge augmentation

5. Cheaper and much less pain than other techniques to make more jaw bones to hold dental implants if needed.



This special centrifugation profile imposed on blood samples determines a triphasic distribution. When collects the intermediate portion, defined CGF, will get a high concentration of growth factors (VEGF, PDGF, TGFβ1 …), platelets, fibrin matrix and CD34+ cells (hematopoietic stem cells and precursor cells of the tissue blood).
The result product have lots of growth factors. The Concentrate Grow Factors showed regenerative properties.

These characteristics made MEDIFUGE special centrifugation protocol the best candidate to obtain an autologous product superior in quality and effectiveness not only to be used in aesthetic medicine treatments for skin repair, regeneration and revitalization but also in healing and bone regeneration of complex wisdom teeth and dental implant surgery.

Click here to read about this scientific research by Rodella 2010 found Stem cells present in CGF preparations.

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Dr Nathan Le offer the use of CGF and Stem cell technology at Best Western Dental Centre in Sydney.


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