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What is All-On-4
In the mid 1990’s an extraordinary procedure was developed by a Portuguese Dentist Paulo Malo in conjunction with the Implant company Nobel Biocare that permits the placement of 4 dental implants and a fixed bridge in as little as one appointment. In its most extraordinary application an entire mouthful of teeth may be replaced with 4 implants and non-removable set of new teeth in as little as 1 day. In most cases there is no bone grafting, no sinus grafting and only minimal healing time required. This procedure is called “All-on-4”.

Benefits of All-On-4
All-On-4 dental implant system offer many advantages
Ease of the procedure
Potential of immediate loading at the surgical appointment
Decreased cost to the patient
Drastically improved aesthetics
Ease of maintenance
No More Dentures.
Achieve a Set of Fixed Teeth in One Day

The full arch of teeth can be cared for and cleaned just like natural teeth. The arch of teeth cannot be removed so there is no need to remove a denture after meals

The full arch of permanent teeth feels just like our natural teeth

You can taste your food more, as the full arch of upper teeth does not cover the roof of your mouth

You can chew and bite food how you like and you can choose to eat the foods you previously could not and experience a more varied diet for healthier living
It’s a long term solution and will last for decades or a person’s lifetime if looked after correctly

The common stages with treatments using All-On-4
Whilst procedures may vary for patient to patient, the following is an indication of the stages of treatment using All-On-4:

Stage 1: FREE consultation
By attending an initial consultation, you can discuss with Dr Le your suitability for treatment and begin to understand what a difference the treatment could make to your life. You should ask as many questions that you can.

Stage 2: Planning
Following OR during your initial consultation we need a good Cone Beam CT scan.  Best Western Dental Centre has an advanced Cone Beam CT machine that gives an excellent image of the jaw which essential for the Dr Le to do a good job.

Dr Le will study the CT scan and let you know if this procedure is possible for you. Not all patients can get fix teeth on the same day.

If you are a candidate for All-on-Four and like to go ahead, then you should expect to be provided with a detailed treatment plan, including all costs.

Stage 3: Surgery date
Once you have consented to treatment, you will then attend the appointment where your jawbone is prepared. A minimum of four dental implants will be inserted with the implants at the back of your jawbone placed at an angle.

After surgery is finished an Impression of your newly placed implants will be taken, which will then be used to start converting your prosthesis (newly made or existing) so that the new teeth is Fixed to your jaw often in the same day!

Stage 4
Once your dental implants are fully integrated into your jaw, after approximately three to six months, your final teeth (Hybrid: teeth on pink gum) will be constructed and fitted by Dr Le.

Call us today to see if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

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