Headache Treatments

Headache Treatments:

Muscle relaxant inject into the TMJ muscles often eliminate headaches, reduce neck and back pain resulting from teeth grinding and jaw tension

The masseter is a strong muscle that attaches on the side of the jaw and helps in chewing. It can be easily seen or  felt when clenching your teeth. In patients with square or rounded jaws, injecting Botox or Dysport into this muscle can reduce its bulk, and sharpen the jaw-line. A rounded or square jaw-line becomes a V-line, creating the effect of having looked like you lost 5-10 pounds.


1.    Bruxism – teeth grinding or excess clenching causing shortening of front teeth, breaking of teeth and dental restorations,
2.    Jaw and neck pain, and bruxism related tension head ache
3.    Cosmetic – jawline tapering, jawline slimming

In our experienced hands, BOTOX for masseter reduction and Dysport for masseter reduction are extremely safe. The procedure is performed as a 15-minute procedure in our office with very minimal discomfort, almost Zero chance of bruising and no swelling afterwards. Relaxation of the masseter muscle will become noticeable at 2-3 days after treatment, and full relaxation apparent at 7-14 days. After the initial treatment, the most significant face slimming will be achieved at 1-2 months post-treatment. Serial treatments at 4-6 month intervals lead to continued facial slimming and tapering.

Is there any side affects of this headache treatments?

Most patient will not feels the actual injections

Almost Zero chance of bruising after the injection

There will be NO swelling after the injection


We are providing headache treatments, Botox for TMJ and Face Slimming treatments for patients from Kempsey and surrounding areas including South West Rocks, Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Macksville…

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Dr Nathan Le offer this same service at Best Western Dental Centre in Sydney.

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